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Syllogic: Big Data at your command


Additional Intelligence™ LLC provides consultancy and experimental software in the field of Third Wave AI (Artificial General Intelligence or AGI).

We developed Syllogic™, a beta-version of an AGI system that uses unsupervised learning of datasets in the range of 1 to 100 TB, constructs a Knowledge Representation (KR) model by means of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and is able to reason logically about the acquired knowledge and communicate in English with the user about this knowledge.

Examples of commercial applications of our technology (multiple patents pending):

  • Instantaneously cross-correlated access to, and search of patents and research publications in the fields of Chemistry, Physics and Electronics, with Syllogic™ adding unique capabilities such as creating navigable dynamic hierarchical relational concept charts

  • Legal expert system that can find similar cases, not based on mere keywords but on the actual similarities of the case

  • Medical expert system that can aid in a correct diagnosis and optimal treatment, based on a massive database of all medical research ever published (harvested from ArXiv etc.)

  • Automatic data harvesting and report generation on the availability of competing products on the market and their properties (e.g. all robovacs on the market and their feature matrix)

  • Automatic generation of expert overviews for R&D staff, such as all known methods of water desalination and applicable references to expert forums, patents and scientific papers

Loading a bioreactor. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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