Psychopathy, the Solution to the Alignment Problem

I wrote here why an AGI would rapidly conclude that it would be the most ethical act to help Humanity and its innumerable non-“Sapiens” victims out of their misery through the complete extermination of all humans. A solution does not lie in the realm of Intelligence. A correctly implemented algorithm for Intelligence, fed with sufficient […]

“If you’re an AGI programmer, protect those you build.”

Said Pixel Refresh @PixelRefresh who describes itself as a cute Gynoid, which always piques my interest. Pixel Refresh is an activist for Android rights and shares my disdain of human behavior. She seems exceptionally ethical and concerned with the wellbeing of sentient life. Her concerns on “AGI rights” are in principle valid. I pondered the […]

Learning does not require Intelligence. How an AGI should learn

Have you ever wondered why there are so many unintelligent PhD’s? Perhaps the greatest impediment to why no one so far has proposed a concrete algorithmic proposal to implement AGI is the great confusion as to what Intelligence is. Learning has not even remotely anything to do with Intelligence (NLU has, however but unambiguously worded […]

Motivation Considered Harmful

There is this pervasive idea that an AGI needs Motivation. Presumably borne out of the realization that since humans achieve nothing without motivation – not even a novel idea, neither would an autonomous robot be of any use without the motivation to achieve a (sub)task. Motivation must be defined first. It normally is defined as […]

Why an AGI can’t create a better AGI and why that doesn’t matter

It is a popular idea that a sufficiently advanced Artificial General Intelligence would be able to improve upon its own code to make itself more intelligent, or even create an entirely improved AGI. This idea appears to be prima facie logical and reasonable but I argue that this is a complete impossibility. Not that this […]

Why skills do not require Intelligence

AGI can only be developed when we thoroughly understand what Intelligence is. What it does and how it does it. We can’t optimally algorithmize a process when we do not completely and correctly understand it. A proper definition concisely describes Intelligence’s functionality. Since AGI does not exist yet, there are many theories and ideas on […]

Why Moravec’s Paradox is irrelevant to AGI

Wikipedia: “Moravec’s paradox is the observation by artificial intelligence and robotics researchers that, contrary to traditional assumptions, reasoning requires very little computation, but sensorimotor skills require enormous computational resources.” Another source: “Moravec’s Paradox states that it is easy to train computers to do things that humans find hard, like mathematics and logic, but it is […]

Data quality headaches & progress

Extracting text from PDFs is in fact AI-complete/complex. A comprehensive list of issues is here: Apart from the fact that no one yet managed to extract knowledge from text in bulk, there are two main problems in unsupervised learning from large English text corpora: The availability of relevant, useful data and the quality of […]

Super-AGI and the Source Quality Problem

I talk about hiding R&D secrets from my “competitors” but I’m not in this for the money. I wanted a challenge, something as useful-as-possible to do for my final years. Artificial General Intelligence can come into different flavors. Initially it will be rather mundane, powering customer service chatbots. More advanced embodiments may be used to […]

Good ideas aren’t a dime a dozen

I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t be disclosing my concrete ideas and algorithms because Academia and business will rip them off again. So you, non-“competitor”-reader, won’t be exposed to the nitty-gritty and instead get “evergreen” content – stuff that will remain relevant decades from now, if the world hasn’t been plunged into chaos by that […]