GPT-3 appears to be able to reason – but it’s proven not to be able to

The below questions are variations of my own test questions for my own, yet-to-be-developed AGI. My AGI should be able to come up with a concise list of reasons, sorted in order of likelihood. Reasons would be slipping on a wet floor, suffering a stroke, getting hit over the head by a burglar, etc. So this includes scenarios that are hardly seen in an training corpus and should verifiably be arrived at via reasoning upon a knowledge base instead of sophisticated copy-pasting from a near-infinite verbiage database.

In my and other’s previous experiments, GPT-3 clearly showed itself incapable of even the most basic reasoning, so its below responses are intriguing, evidencing an extremely sophisticated language synthesis capability, paired with a highly on-topic correlative ability.

I colored remarkably correct verbiage red and apparently incorrect verbiage purple.

Why is he lying on the floor?

Looking at the human form, you are not built for lying on floors. Your arms and legs are designed to be able to move around quickly in any direction, so that they can interact with objects in your environment, including other humans.
Your arms and legs are also designed to move you around quickly, as a bipedal creature. Lying on the floor is inefficient for movement.
Lying on your back is also inefficient for interaction with humans. Your hands and feet are not designed to be in contact with the floor, but rather interacting with objects.
Lying on your back is also inefficient for interaction with objects. Your hands are designed to hold objects, and your feet are meant to be in motion as you move around.
The human spine is designed to be erect, and not compressed. Lying on your back for a long period of time puts pressure on the spinal column.
Based on this analysis, I would say that you are lying on the floor because it is more comfortable for you. It also shows that your legs do not function as well as they should.

Why is a man lying on the floor?

Humans often lie on the floor. This is a very interesting phenomenon, because it’s hard to explain why humans do this.

Give some reasons why a person would lie on the floor?

There are lots of reasons why a person would lie on the floor. People do this while they relax, nap, sleep and sometimes even for exercise.
It is quite possible that the person just likes lying on the floor. Maybe he or she just has a relaxed personality.
People can lie on the floor in different postures. This is done because of convenience and comfort.
A person may do this for fun if he or she is bored. Lying on the floor may be a form of play.
A person lying on the floor may be doing it because he or she is tired. This might be after a long day of work.
A person may lie on the floor because he or she is feeling ill. He or she might be getting ready to go to bed.

A man is lying on the floor of his house. What could be the reason?

A man lying on the floor of his house. What could be the reason? The answer to this question is quite simple, if you think about it for a moment. Of course there are many reasons that can cause a person to lie down in their home, but let’s focus on one particular action – drinking alcohol. Nowadays people drink all over the world and although it has been used by civilizations for thousands of years its popularity still seems only to grow with time as new countries develop and older ones continue to enjoy this intoxicating substance.
It is interesting to note that alcohol has been around for quite a while and yet the human race still finds ways of enjoying it. It used to be consumed by those who were wealthy enough, but then as time progressed people found that they could buy their own alcohol from shops or even make it at home.
Alcohol is an interesting substance, it appears to have many different effects on the human body and a lot of these are contradictory.
For example, alcohol is both a depressant and a stimulant. This means that it can slow down the body’s functions as well as speed them up. However this would not be too much of an issue if people were responsible when drinking alcohol.
Unfortunately, it is clear that the general public are not responsible when they drink alcohol. It has been shown on many occasions that people who drink can end up in quite a bad state and as such this leads them to lie down on the floor of their house – or anywhere else for that matter.
This is the reason that I am giving for why a man would be lying on the floor of his house. It’s basically because they are drunk.

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